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Reasons for coming to me:
Lower back pain, neck pain, broken spine, core strength, mobility, pre/post surgery exercise, pregnancy exercise, nervous system regulation, burnout recovery, calming anxiety, sleep improvement, habit change, improved clarity.

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Pilates is like nutrition for the human frame. It's biomechanically sound, low impact and focuses your mind and body. 1:1 sessions are for anyone who has been referred to Pilates by a specialist (surgeon, osteopath, physiotherapist, acupuncturist etc) or for those who feel like they need 1:1 movement tuition. Sessions are 1 hour long and include a curated homework program. I see people online via zoom or in my North Cornwall Studio.  

These sessions are for Pilates instructors and practitioners new to the wellness industry who need guidance in setting up, building and maintaining clients online and/or in-person. These sessions include all pillars from taking bookings, payments, networking and honing your craft. Session duration is 1 hour. 

Embodiment coaching is a style of coaching that accesses the body as a tool for gaining clarity around what you want and need from life. Embodiment practices combined with traditional coaching methods provide the client with a greater ability to be present and self aware by bypassing the busy mind and connecting with the chest area and lower belly. This regulates your nervous system allowing you to move through life with more happiness, clarity and connection.
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