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''Alex combines knowledge and intuition in such a unique way. You always feel like she understands your body more than you do, whilst making everything fun. Every session with her is like a treatment.''

- Ross Barr, Acupuncturist 


" The entire experience was like getting to know my “self” in a way that I never imagined — and it has changed the way I navigate my daily life with so much more confidence. Plus, I can meditate now, which is something I’ve never been able to do before…''

- Heather Wong


''My experience of embodiment coaching with Alex was profound. The practice brought me back to myself and created space to tune in to my intuition. Alex has a unique capacity to hold the space for transformation in a gentle and supportive way. It was a really extraordinary experience for which I am very grateful. Thank you Alex! I was genuinely blown away.''

- Francesca Burns, Fashion Consultant 


''As a dedicated Life Coach and Holistic Therapist, I hold personal growth in the highest regard for both my clients and myself. My experience with Alex through embodiment coaching has been nothing short of transformative. Alex's guidance profoundly calmed my nervous system during a critical moment in my life. I can’t wait for our next session, anticipating the opportunities it will present for me to further explore and overcome. Alex's expertise has proven invaluable on my path to self-improvement.''

- Carly Nunn, Life Coach


''I’m an experienced yoga teacher and I’ve done a fair few Pilates classes but have never experienced a class like Alex’s! She’s given me a whole new level of awareness of my body and literally made me fall in love with the practice, when I never thought I would!''

- Kate Lister, Yoga teacher


"I first came to Alex about eight years ago for one-to-one Pilates and it’s been wonderful to experience the development of her practice to encompass body, movement and mind. In each embodiment session Alex creates a safe, relaxing and supportive environment, and always moves at a pace that is right for you. Her techniques, understanding, patience and genuine care have meant very deep and very positive outcomes in a short space of time. For me, the results have been both life-changing and life-affirming.''

Emma Blau, Artist & Curator


''Alex is an incredible teacher and guided me through my pregnancy and I have no doubt was the key reason to a quick and (almost) pain-free labour. Since our baby she has also helped me get back to pre-baby fitness and strength. I am very thankful for my weekly sessions.''

- Sarah Last, Elements Spa Boutique Owner


''I can’t recommend Alex highly enough ... after a lifetime of back pain Alex has got me moving well and back pain no more! She is knowledgeable, professional, kind, curious about movement and improvising your movement. She’s also really good fun.''

- Sylvia White, Lawyer


About a year ago I was very suddenly diagnosed with a life-threatening blood disorder. The future was quickly not looking quite so peachy as it had just the day before.


I stumbled across Alex in February following a hefty dose of chemo cocktails, a stem cell transplant and 8 months of being sedentary. I’ve done my fair share of yoga before but never tried my hand at Pilates. I wanted to start gently rebuilding my foundations and gaining a bit of the (not that much) strength I had before my treatment.  A few sessions under my belt with Alex, and woah...I NEVER expected that I’d surpass that pretty damn quickly!


Yes, Pilates has made my body look different. But more strikingly I feel completely different. I am strong. I am more aware of my muscles, joints and bones; my whole body moving in space and collaborating (or not). Physically and mentally, I feel powerful right down to my very cells. The mental health benefit has been extraordinary. I feel on top of the world. I haven't got addicted to Pilates because I unexpectedly have abs and a less wobbly bum now, this is just a bonus byproduct.


Alex, your energy is out of this world. You've inspired me to explore pursuing my own Pilates journey. But you've done so much more than that - you’ve totally changed my life and made me believe I can do things I wouldn't have dreamed of 8 months ago. Bring.It.On.

- Helena Brown
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