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Do I need equipment if we work online?


No, all you need is enough space on the floor to spread out your arms and legs. And a computer or device to carry out the call. A yoga mat is nice to soften the floor however you don’t even need that, you could use a towel or carpet. I only use equipment or props when necessary and if the client will get a lot of use out of it.


What is the reformer and will it be good for my back pain?


A Pilates reformer is one piece of apparatus that makes up part of an entire Pilates studio. The reformer has been commercialised the most out of all of the equipment as it’s probably the most diverse and comes on wheels so can be moved out the way. It was designed for WW2 soldier rehabilitation as the springs add resistance and feedback for the nervous system to rebuild after injury. It’s an exceptional piece of kit but not necessary to have at home for back pain or any rehab. If you become a pilates enthusiast, then maybe it’s worth the investment. 

Do you work in person in London?


Not at the moment, I have a studio in North Cornwall where I see face to face clients and I see all of my London client base online. If you have a trained eye, it doesn’t matter where you are; if I can see you, I can train you. 


Can online sessions work for my back pain?


Yes, because it's about training you to get to know your back, how to improve it and prevent it spasming. I actually find the client has a deeper learning experience when I am more ‘hands off’.’ The way I work is all about giving the client the knowledge and understanding of human mechanics and teaching them how to tune into their own body so they can help themselves. Rather than me ‘fixing’ them. It can be done online because of this technique.


How are you working embodiment coaching into your Pilates?


I now have 2 branches of 1:1 sessions, Pilates and Coaching. For experienced clients we can mix both into 1 session. Often clients start with movement and over time it unfolds that they need some coaching, so if it’s right, we’ll bring it in. Otherwise individuals or companies contact me for coaching from the outset. 


Will your YouTube channel help my back pain / body?


Yes. I’ve based it on exercises and discussions that come up in 1:1 client sessions. It’s always best (especially if you are new to mindful movement or in pain) to do a handful of 1:1 sessions because everyone is different and I can be more nuanced during these sessions. However, I have endeavoured to make the channel as information-rich as possible. You can see in the Breakdown Exercises section that there is detailed cuing on how to execute each movement as perfectly as possible so you’re getting the most out of your moves. Always get the go-ahead from your doctor before you commence exercise if you’re injured or in pain.


How many sessions will I need to fix my back/posture/pain?


It varies for all. We work in a very solutions-based way and want to get to the bottom of what's causing your pain. I find that 5-10 hours (sessions) of 1:1 work can dramatically reduce pain and provides a nice foundation for understanding your body and how to move forward managing it. Often clients stay for more because it opens out curiosity about their body and what it can do! This is where the YouTube channel is useful, it’s got all of your homework exercises and classes that you can do outside of your 1:1 sessions, right there ready for you. The goal is to not need weekly sessions but to drop-in from time to time for a tune up if needed or wanted. You often leave 1:1 sessions feeling like you’ve had a treatment so people drop in for that. 


Do I need to buy bundles?


Absolutely not. You pay as you go and I invoice you on the day of the session. Some people like to buy bundles as a way of motivation - if this is you, we can do that. Let’s discuss. 

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