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BSc Sports Science, Certified Pilates Instructor and Embodiment Coach (AC) my clients often have postural related back pain, need pre/post surgery rehabilitation, have general aches and pains that have been around for a while and circumstances in their life they cannot move through, relating to relationships, work & home. Over the past 15 years I have had referrals from leading professionals within the field from surgeons, to physiotherapists and psychotherapists. 

Alex's Story


I grew up on the beaches of Perth, Western Australia and I started exploring the healing potential of movement with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science.


I quickly realised that far too many people are in unnecessary amounts of physical pain – not least, by suffering some myself, following various sporting injuries (I played semi professional basketball and did martial arts for a very long time; Taekwondo and Kungfu mainly). While I understood that strength and conditioning are excellent ways to improve posture, boost energy levels and mitigate pain, I didn’t enjoy gym environments, which seemed heavy handed and masculine to me.

That’s when I discovered Pilates. Back then a relatively obscure practise, it immediately struck me as a brilliant, well-ordered, biomechanically-focussed way of enhancing the body, with grace and minimal strain.


Over the past 15 years I’ve worked one-on-one with clients in Australia, the US, UK and Europe. I’ve treated everyone from secondary school students, to city workers and the rich and famous, helping them to improve the working order of their body, and most of all: to understand it. 

I’ve realised that everyone wants the same thing: to look and feel their best. This can actually be achieved pretty simply. Your body wants to be well, all it takes is a little guidance, a little nudge in the right direction, and the body will find its own way.


I’ve extended my repertoire beyond strength and conditioning and Pilates, to Gyrotonic and Embodiment Coaching. The link between the health of the body and the health of the brain is undeniable. It’s impossible to enhance one without working toward enhancing the other. It's fascinating  what embodiment has taught me in relation to Self Clarity. When one is clear about themselves physically and emotionally they make better life decisions that lead to improved well-being. And I've realised I've been doing that with the human body all this time. Helping people become clear about their movement. Adding the embodiment coaching string to my bow is fitting for myself and my clients and we're seeing some great results such as; those who have never been able to meditate are now able to quieten their minds, are making life changing decisions with ease, around work and relationships and home, are improving their nervous system regulation and more.


I’m currently splitting my time between London and Cornwall, working with clients in person in my Cornwall Studio and online across UK, Europe, US and Australia. 



BSc Exercise and Sports Science - Edith Cowan University Australia
Diploma in Polestar Pilates Matwork & Studio Equipment - Australia & UK
Gyrotonic Apprentice Teacher - London
Foundation Certificate Psychotherapy & Counselling - Regent's University London

Human Potential Coach - Human Potential Institute 

'Add on' specialty courses:

Pilates for Back Pain

Exercise for Scoliosis 

Exercise for shoulder & knee pain

Functional Movement for Upper/Lower/Trunk

Energy Medicine 

Pre & post natal Pilates

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