BSc Exercise and Sports Science
Diploma in Pilates Polestar Matwork & Studio Equipment
Gyrotonic Apprentice Teacher
Currently Studying and MA Psychotherapy & Counselling



Technique based movement for performance and healing. Integrating the body, self and mind. 


London born and grew up on the beaches of Western Australia where  Alex completed her Degree in Sports Science and found her way to the Pilates world through Polestar Pilates, qualifying in both mat and studio comprehensive.


In 2013 Alex co-founded The Pilates Center WA and built the business upon referrals from the local Physiotherapist clinic; George St Physiotherapy and Pilates.


In 2014 she moved to London where travelling and exploring would be easier. (The Pilates Center WA still functions today with a group class schedule and 1:1 sessions - if you ever go to Perth pop in for a class and tell them Alex sent you!). Since 2014 Alex has been travelling in-between teaching 1:1 Pilates and group classes. Alex has also done various workshops with related brands such as Lululemon, Bamford and Anatome and Blok.


In 2018 Alex saw the need for her clients to have easy access to the homework exercises she was prescribing. So in February 2019 Alex launched her Movement App which includes 52 of the most popular homework exercises for her clients to use at home. These 52 exercises were hand picked by Alex from her experience working 1:1, in the flesh with people. They are exercises both Alex and her client trust to work!


Alex collaborated with animator Ray Lewis in producing the videos. It was a fresh creative role for Alex which she thoroughly enjoyed. The videos are instructional and have animations to depict ‘where’ to move from in your body during each exercise.


Originally exclusive to face to face clients, Alex has now decided to share these helpful exercises with the world. Since the spread of the Movement app there has been a need for more generalised programs. This is where the Pilates for Posture, Back pain and Physique programs where born! See movement app page for details.


January 2020 Alex embarked on a new qualification, Gyrotonic®️.  Alex was feeling the need to evolve her exercise in a 3 dimensional, integrated way, as during her time working with bodies she began to discover the 3D nature of their movement. This is where Gyrotonic®️ comes in! The method is designed around the human body with regards to total freedom in movement with no restriction to speed and versatility. It enhances rather than distracts from awareness of co-ordination, strength and flexibility. Gyrotonic®️is still relatively undiscovered as was Pilates 11 years ago when Alex first started. She is excited to share the benefits of Gyrotonic®️ with whoever is ready to lean.


Alex’s passion and truth is to heal people through movement. She often says “the ability to heal is within ourselves, sometimes we just need guidance”. She’s aiming to make this guidance more accessible for anyone who is ready. From videos on her YouTube channel to her curated app programs, to 1:1 private training, there is an array to choose from any where you are in the world!