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This Movement Kit Bag includes a curated range of products and instruction videos designed as the ultimate care package for anyone who wants to alleviate back pain, and improve posture and performance and regain energy.


After decades of treating back pain, sports injuries and general physical well-being, I’ve refined the techniques, and found the best tools, that have helped my clients time and time again.  Muscles and joints become painful and inefficient due to tightness and weakness, therefore releasing tension and building strength upon an aligned and tension free body is paramount for anybody wanting to relieve pain and once and for all.


Lockdown has shown us that healing our pain and discomfort from home is totally possible, providing we have with the right guidance and equipment. The Movement Kit Bag provides a carefully considered, tried-and-tested combination of both.


Inside the bag – a natural cotton drawstring bag, featuring my logo - you’ll find:


• 2 x studio grade fascia release balls with acupressure cups

• 1 x studio grade strength band

• 2 x easy to use instruction videos taught by me on my Movement App. One for tension release and one for strength building.

• Packaged beautifully with sustainable materials only


Why I’ve made this product:

Over 15 years of treating clients with a huge variety of issues, I realised they’d often come to me after being stuck in a cycle of physiotherapy or osteopath appointments that didn’t actually manage or alleviate their pain. But from the moment I started to integrate tension release balls and the appropriate strength work into their sessions, those same clients found a new level of comfort in their bodies, and were empowered to release their pain themselves. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing people start to take their posture, body alignment and pain into their own hands, and begin to heal themselves. I’m passionate about demystifying the process, and making it as accessible as possible. My Movement Kit Bag is your starting point on stronger, healthier, pain free posture.


*this product contains latex therefore not recommended if allergic

Movement Kit Bag

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