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A new year note:

Happy New Year Face Your Fear is the moment the optimistic, gung-ho attitude of the new year evaporates and goals fall by the wayside. The motivation has worn off and then what are you going to do? Face your underlying fears!

Facing deep fear is hard work, making big changes such as quitting your corporate job to follow your passion, moving house or leaving a long term relationship for example happens with courage and a willingness to be honest about how scary it can be. The ego’s job is to keep us comfortable, even at the expense of our overall goals and happiness. And it will do what it can to turn us away from anything that is pushing us beyond our comfort zone. And it does it very subtly too! However, if you're not careful it can lead to a lack of self awareness and clarity, and contributes to our inability to a) see the fear and b) face the fear.

This results in making decisions that don't necessarily work out well for our overall happiness and well-being. However there is a way to face the scary stuff and that's by softening. Noticing when you're soft or tense. Softening, becoming aware and turning towards our fear is what helps us approach it, name it and sit with it. When we sit with our fear it has less of a grip on us and we can move forward and make decisions and actions that lead to deeper happiness without the need for new year motivation. The motivation lives within you already.

Face your fear



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