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Sound Baths Have Always Made Me Feel Good, So How do They Work?

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Regular readers will know that I'm a fan of using various modes of energy treatment to help bring equilibrium to the body. It's always been a mission of mine to mix science with nature, appreciating as much as possible all that is available to us. Sound baths are something I've attended in the past and every time, walked away feeling deeply relaxed and very present. Kind of like everything inside me; blood, brain, emotions, hormones have slowed down and are just flowing calmly and easily. Clearly the energy of sound has some benefits but I wanted to know more so I reached out to Craig from Soundworks to find out exactly how sound leaves me and many others with this blissful feeling after a session. Here is what he says:

Sound Therapy – Craig Rogerson of Soundworks

Life nowadays can be very busy and full of surprises. Luckily there are an array of holistic approaches to choose from to help rebalance ourselves. Lifestyles, workloads, traumas, illnesses, stresses, or injuries can all lead to dis-ease. Sound Therapy is a fantastic addition to implement into our personal wellness routines. The importance of having a regular moment to stop, recharge and ‘re-tune’ from our daily stresses can be beneficial to both our physical and mental health.

What is Sound Therapy? Sound Therapy is usually offered in two main formats: one-on-one sessions and group sound meditations, also known as sound baths. Both types of session utilise sound tools such as metal or glass singing bowls; gongs; chimes and sometimes other instruments.

Sound is two-fold as it has an audible property and a vibrational property. In a group setting, tools that have greater audible properties suit the larger space and number of people. In this instance, an interesting process called brainwave entrainment occurs. This is where the brain naturally synchronises to what it hears, resulting in a relaxed response. In a one-on-one session, tools with greater vibrational properties are placed around the body (sometimes on the body) and this is how we access a state beyond relaxation – a therapeutic state.

How does it work? Sound Therapy creates energetic shifts that have a biochemical effect on the body...

Everything has what is known as a resonant frequency – think of our early school days when we learnt about how everything is made up of vibrating particles; well, so are we. Each part of our body, as well as the sound tools we use, have a resonant frequency. When a metal singing bowl is activated close to the body, the bowl’s mechanical energy is released as vibration, which creates a parasympathetic reaction within our physical body to relax.

For various reasons throughout our life our bodies are subjected to changes that can negatively impact our vibrations. Sound Therapy facilitates the reinstatement of flow against resistance. We are working with energy blockages in the body that have overarching effects on us emotionally, mentally, and physically. Working through these blockages with sound can aid our re-aligning, bringing us closer to a natural, balanced state.

Is it all about Sound? Whilst I have explained a bit about sound, I should also highlight the importance of celebrating silence. The long-lasting tone of a metal singing bowl, or the Gong slowly fading out to quiet takes you from elevated to calm. This calming process helps us access presence and establish acceptance, a still and peaceful state – a concept that is likely recognised by those who also meditate. When we are in this most present state, there is space for opportunity to arise and this can take form in many ways. Whether it is an emotional or physical release, a shift in thought form or perspective, in the words of the great Gong Master Don Conreaux, we call them “aha moments”.

What are the benefits? Some of the benefits from sound include: - Mental and Physical Relaxation - Headaches, tension, and pain relief - Chronic tiredness, anxiety, tightness in chest relief - Increased levels of energy - Clarity, mind clutter dissipation - Increased motivation, confidence, and expression - Improved patience, mindset, focus, and attention span - Changes in thought forms, mindsets, and perspectives

On a physical level, studies show reactions created in us when using sound can promote restructuring and rejuvenation on a cellular level. It also creates liquid purification, stimulates red blood cells, as well as strengthens the immune system by decreasing our Nitric oxide circulation cycle time. On a mental level, the more that acceptance is experienced, the more we cultivate peace of mind. Generally, when our mind is more resolved, it allows our heart and emotions to follow suit.

The Soundworks Community As a Sound Therapy Practitioner, holding space for others to truly let go and relax is a beautiful moment to create and I love being of service in this way. I have enjoyed hosting many Group Sound Meditations across London and England; and relish the chance to bring individuals together in a collective moment of community. Although people may come to a group session alone or in small groups, together we journey with sound and leave connected through the experience. One-on-one sessions give me a chance to provide a deeper level of specific assistance for challenges faced by an individual. People come to me by word of mouth, recommendation or by their own self exploration. Sometimes psychotherapists or psychologists suggest Sound Therapy as a treatment that is complimentary to their therapy. One example is an ulcerative colitis patient who I have treated for over 18 months now and their condition has improved immensely, which has been transformative. Join my newsletter

An offer for Alex's readers:

While our individual circumstances vary, one thing is clear from my experience with sound; we all need a moment to step-off the treadmill, to pause, to remember. As a thank you to all AC with love readers, I am happy to offer a 10% discount on Group Sound Meditations that I host. Use the code ACWITHLOVE when booking your space to one of my events and I look forward to welcoming you. Book here:

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