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A Journal of Remedies & Practices that Heal

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

A journal of remedies & practices that heal. From science to ancient traditions. This is a project I’ve wanted to start for a while but have never had the time due to my client work. One of the positives born out of the 2020 pandemic!

I grew up with holistic parents so from young my sister and I were seeing spiritual healers, acupuncturists & kinesiologists and were given natural crystals to draw on for strength, clarity and centering. Also my mum would use essential oil blends to help heal acne & protect from the sun as we were on the beaches of sunny Perth, Western Australia.

On reflection I guess thats why I did a science degree, although crystals & ancient tinctures are becoming cool now, back in the day they were definitely not! So I wanted to study science, to get some proof. Combining science with my spiritual nature I’m putting together a journal of remedies & practices that I believe can help bring you closer to your real self, improving tension & pain and invigorating joy and happiness through deeper connection. I'm curious to see where this project leads and in the process I hope you get all the benefits.

With love,

Alex x


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