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Beat the Blues

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Does anyone else get a low mood during the autumn and winter months? I do, badly. And all my friends and family know it! Whether it’s from moving from one of the sunniest places in the world (Perth, Australia) to one of the greyest (London). Or whether it’s fitting so much into life I literally live on the edge of exhaustion, or both. I’ve found that I just couldn't shake a low mood during the darker days. Until I met this guy 👇🏽 Beat the Blues Room Spray!

I spoke with Christina Lykiardopoulou from ilāpothecary, who is the head of the brand. Her passion in wellness is what drove her to run the award winning ilāpothecary; which is Here to Heal with 100% Natural Products with Purpose. She explained how these products are unique as they are infused with powerful remedial ingredients from live stem cells to silk, from aromatherapy oils to gemstones and from homeopathic filaments to pearls! All combined in a cutting edge synergy, to help us counteract the stresses of modern living. No wonder why it works!

I asked Christina to give me a break down on what goes into the Beat the Blues room spray. Here is her response: “These products are formulated with an alchemical blend of powerful essential oils known to help uplift and balance the mood, boost self-esteem including:

  • CLARY SAGE –known to be inspiring and revitalising. Clary Sage is known as one of nature’s happiness inducing oils to be strengthening yet relaxing, additionally it is known to help boost self-esteem, confidence, hope and emotional strength. Its musky sweetness enlivens the senses while dispelling illusion and steadying the mind.

  • PETITGRAIN – known to be releasing and self- accepting. Petitgrain is known as releasing self-accepting angelic fragrance. A plant that is believed to protect against mental anguish, help release anger, and known to heal emotional wounds. This oil helps us ‘be’ rather than ‘do’. It is hence useful for those moments when you want to calm and clear the mind.

  • TUBEROSE – known to be sedating and calming. Tuberose helps soothe nerves and to promote rest and sleep. It is also known to dispel emotional anguish.

  • GERANIUM – known to be energy balancing. Geranium is known to stimulate happiness, nourish creativity, ease frustration.

In addition, ilāpothecary’s products are associated with numerology to reinforce and establish the intent and effectiveness of each product. The Beat The Blues range has the number 27. It is about believing in yourself and listening to your intuition. It is self-affirming and fortifying.”

Once upon a time, perhaps when I was less attuned I may not have felt the full benefits of a room spray. Maybe I would have sprayed it around because it smelt nice and then cracked on with what I was doing. But now after years of working with the body and becoming more attuned, I can feel the calming yet uplifting nature of these essential oils.

I want to caveat this by saying that adding nature and fresh air is the ultimate game changer when it comes to enhancing mood, however a little help from essential oils goes a long way.

So much so, ilāpothecary extended their mood enhancing range to a full Beat The Blues range, with a Pulse Point and Shower and Bath Oil. Exciting! Yes now, you know what to get me for Christmas. Or in fact anyone who you think can benefit from this healing range of essential oils, gemstones, homeopathic filaments and numerology.

Click here to shop Beat the Blues range.

With love for the human race and nature,

Alex x


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