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Exercises for Self Mastery!

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

What is Self Mastery?

Well the order goes ‘self discovery’ then ‘self mastery’. It’s a philosophy I go by when working 1:1 with clients. How can you heal or improve yourself without full understanding of how your muscles, joints, nerves and breath work? Having the full picture will help you identify what you need to work on.

How do you Self Discover? You need to be curious about ‘how’ to move well. From

there you ask yourself ‘where’ am I moving from and ‘how’ am I making this movement?

It’s from here you start to tune in to your physical body by literally thinking about your physical self as your move. During this self discovery phase you will start to notice tight spots, loose spots and weak and strong points. This is GREAT - a good place to be!

The next phase is Self Mastery. How do you Self Master? You practice. We are patterns. The way we learn to move is > the central nervous system (brain) sends a signal down the spinal cord to where the message needs to go in the body. If you are sending a positive message for correct movement then your body will make a correct movement. Equally if your brain is signalling an inefficient movement pattern, your movement will be inefficient. Inefficiencies cause tightness and pain.

For example - if you wanted to improve back pain, the more you get to know the joints associated with back pain and the correct way they work, the more you can think about them as you do the exercise, the more you will start to correct them and over time your movement will improve and pain will dissipate. Same with tight hips, flobby abs, bad posture etc.

Approach the Self Mastery phase with a nurturing mindset. Which means - be soft and listen to your body. Work with your body. It’s highly intelligent, it just needs to be arranged well.

Start to arrange your body and you will start to Self Master. I’ve created 3 X Self Mastery Exercise playlists on YouTube for:

Improved posture - HERE

Back Pain - HERE

Pilates Fit - HERE

They are individual exercises for you to master with verbal and visual cuing to help you pattern efficiently and positively. Feel free to comment and ask questions my job is to help you Self Master!

With love,


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