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My brand spanking new YouTube Channel - why I’ve finally decided to do it!

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Hello everyone,

Over the past 11 years I’ve been teaching Pilates 1:1 sessions in the flesh with people from all walks of life. Some people with back pain, some post surgery, London city workers, runners, fashionistas who need to keep there body in check aesthetically and anyone who is curious about their body as it relates to movement.

It truly is a rewarding vocation and has given me a huge foundation for working with people. However there is one thing that has been niggling me for a while now, and that is, I am limited to how many people I can teach this amazing method to! Irradiating back pain, improving posture and learning how to move and feel well in our body ultimately is easy to achieve if you tune in and learn your body as it relates to movement. After all it is the vessel that gets through life and I believe as human beings this information should be just as important to us as learning to eating healthy food and drinking lots of water.

How to move, why you should move as efficiently as possible and what the difference between good and bad movement, should be more readily available, therefore I have decided to officially start Pilates online! This means YouTube, this means facebook and instagram and this means showing you more of me and how I go about riding the waves of life.

This year I started a new movement qualification called Gyrotonic®️. It’s epic. I’m in love. I feel like I felt when I discovered Pilates. It’s still relatively undiscovered as Pilates was 11 years ago. Gytrotonic®️ helps to make your body longer and leaner, it helps make you more aware of the nuances of your body and it is a beautiful, nurturing method of exercise.

On YouTube you will start to see free weekly movement classes uploaded where I thread through the principles and teachings from both Pilates and Gyrotonic®️ in either bite size classes of 10/15 mins or full 1 hour classes. For those of you who have seen me privately or in group classes before, this is a typical Alex style class +some! Please go on and subscribe, join in, and comment away. As always I work on your feedback so the more the merrier! Link Here.

Above is a direct link to the channel, it’s brand spanking new so content is limited however for the launch I’ve decided to give you a bunch of videos that were exclusive in my Movement App. It’s not all of them, but some of my favourite bread and butter everyday exercises. They are 2 minute long videos of individual exercises that teach you “how to perform”. This is all about moving well and getting it right! More class based session start in August!

For you today I’m listing 3 of my favourite exercises that do wanders in improving posture:

I hope you enjoy the channel and I look forward to seeing you online!

With love,

Alex x

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