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The Breakdown Exercises on my Youtube Channel

Coming to class and not quite sure you're doing all the moves right? Practice for free on my Youtube Channel.

I've recorded individually some of the most common and popular exercises you'll find in a Pilates class, put verbal explanations over the top and also had someone draw some funky animations to help you really 'get' how to perform them.

Currently there are 9 playlists to choose from;

- Back Pain

- Posture

- Homework for the 720 Class

- Fit Physique

- A Ritual for Muscle Tension Release

- Glute Strength

+ more

Improving your posture, muscle tone, flexibility and body efficiency takes precision and attunement, thats why these playlists are not a flow. They are the individual exercises broken down so you can pause and practice as you go. Each video/exercise takes 1-2 minutes to complete however I encourage you to use the playlists to explore, so take all the time you need. (When I was learning about my body in motion sometimes I would do 5-6 exercises in a hour.)

Please feel free to comment and ask questions on the YouTube videos, this will help me cue you better when you come to class. I always tailor my classes to who is in them, so if I know what you've been working on, then we can lean in, and make the most of your time when we are live in person.

Here is the link to my channel, if you use the exercises please subscribe. Enjoy and I look forward to seeing your comments.

With love,

Alex x


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