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Uni, Cornwall & London!

Questions I get every day lately; Alex, are you in London? What’s happening with Cornwall? Are you at uni? What are your plans?

I was going to explain this on social media but decided it was better properly written as a journal entry.

The answer is – I have only just figured it out and only for now! Transitioning life, taking turns & making changes takes time and I feel people need answers immediately. This is what I’ve come to so far…

Here is the context:

I was about to leave London 3 years ago and head back to Australia, but I couldn’t quite leave. I knew I was craving nature and missed my family however when it came to hitting the ‘book’ button on the flight back – I found that I’d procrastinate.

Then I met my now boyfriend. We spent 2 years travelling to Cornwall for long weekends, camping, surfing & BBQing. It was perfect because I got to satisfy my craving for the rugged countryside and reconnect with surfing and he was doing the same having moved home to London from New York. We decided last summer, summer 2019 that we’d rent a small house in a lush green valley (our favourite valley) and trial living between the city and the surf!

We moved in, in February 2020 and covid-19 swept through in March 2020. We decided to lockdown in Cornwall because... well actually I don’t think it was a conscious decision, we just did. We grew vegetables, herbs, roots, shoots and eatable flowers over the 6 months of lockdown and realised, why wait, we’ve trialled it enough, let’s do it! Let’s buy a house and make it happen.

Low and behold there was a house for sale with a half-acre of land right in the exact valley we were renting in. It’s even got an outhouse on the land which we could refurbish into a Movement Studio/Therapy Space! During the time between our first offer and completion we imagined all the things we would like to do with the property. First and foremost, we are conscious of the health of ourselves and the planet so have decided to refurbish the house to be as off grid and self-sustainable as possible. Also, we will make a vegetable garden suitable to grow vegetables and herbs all year around and even (something I never thought I’d do) get chickens for a source of protein (eggs only).

I have become obsessed with Cabin Porn which is a website dedicated to wooden cabins where I am drawing inspiration from for my workspace. It’s going to be made from organic and raw materials and be a real sanctuary for myself and clients to be. Imagine a Pilates reformer, Gyrotonic tower, mat space & comfy hang out area in a cabin, nestled in a valley, by the Atlantic ocean…

The house completed last week, and we moved some things in over the weekend however for now we won’t be living in it. Our next step is to discuss with an architect what we can and can’t do in terms of moving walls/staircases/windows. This is going to be our project for the next 1-2 years. Renovating a house is something I’ve never done before which is exciting however I’ve heard it’s big and can be a nightmare – let’s see how we go!

My heart lays between London and Cornwall (and Perth, Australia) as we have so many close friends and family in all areas therefore endeavour to live between both (them all). I’ve always felt being in one place for too long gets stuffy and love the perspective change you get when travelling – so here we are – a dance between the city and surf is what we are going to do for now.

UNI! I went back to school! For a while now I’ve been wondering about learning how to help when people come into a session and end up bursting into tears or telling me about their lives outside of a muscklo-skeletal context. It was becoming so obvious how the physical body and emotional self are inter-linked. So, I started looking into Psychotherapy courses. After months of research I enrolled onto Regent’s University London for their Psychotherapy & Counselling Certificate with the idea to move onto the master’s degree afterwards. And oh my! It is fascinating! Equally challenging as I’m constantly meeting my growth edges. I’ve learnt so much and I’m only 7 days in! For now it completely feels like the right thing to do so even though I won’t have a day off for the next 10 weeks – I don’t mind, it’s fascinating and I can rest at Christmas (the weather is cold and dark here anyway – plus we’ll probably in a second lockdown!)!

So, all in all a lot of great change and not without its challenges and I am grateful and welcome all of it.

With regards to training I am currently online due to covid-19 however am missing the equipment and in-person sessions, they are definitely not ruled it out forever. If you would like to enquire about a 1:1 session, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Equally there are free Self Mastery playlists on YouTube for you to follow. Also, I have branched out and started doing commercial work so if you are interested in collaborating likewise, feel free to reach out.

With love,

Alex x

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