Love my Bones

Updated: Jan 8

Moving from deeper places invokes lasting changes. Whether you want to look or feel physically your best, for permanent results you've got to work deeper. If I look back at the history of pop-exercise one thing I haven't seen is an emphasis on bones or integration of nerves, fascia and brain. And for me, thats where the real magic is. If you get changes at the central nervous system - boom - your results will last!

The fitness industry can be bias towards working or stretching just muscles. But what about your bones, nerves, fascia and brain? To me, physical strength & resilience comes from integration of your whole body, not just working one thing! This means a full body workout.

Use the above symbols as a reminder during your next full body workout - there is more to you than your muscles. LOVE MY BONES.

For article on how muscles move bones see Awaken my Hips.

With 🖤

Alex x

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