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The Power of Chinese Herbs and Bodywork on Long Covid Symptoms

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

A dear friend of mine is an Acupuncturist who works a lot with herbs. Each year as we phase into winter, I go to her for herbs to help keep my lungs resilient to the cold, dry air. Since living in London I’ve been diagnosed asthma and actually I’ve noticed that every autumn my asthma flares up.

Chloe and I had a good old chinwag on the phone the other day (as we were well over due and I needed some herbs) and she was telling me about the impact of bodywork combined with herbs on the symptoms of long Covid; severe fatigue, breathlessness, joint pain, kidney failure, mental health problems & muscle aches to name a few. I have also worked with clients who are presenting with long Covid symptoms and can really relate to what Chloe was saying. It seems western medicine doesn’t have the answers for treating long Covid. At the moment you’re told to keep resting, however down on the frontline, working in the flesh, it seems Chinese Medicine can help. So perhaps there is something you can do as well as resting! Here is Chloe explaining what she said to me on the phone that day about the impact they have been having on people suffering with long Covid:

"My colleagues and I have been treating lots of people with ‘long Covid’ symptoms – primarily extreme fatigue and brain fog, as well as costochondritis (rib pain) and shortness of breath. Whilst it is worrying how many people are suffering symptoms like this even after having very mild cases of Covid-19 (2 Facebook groups with over 50,000 members!), what has been wonderful to see is how much relief they seem to be getting from acupuncture and bodywork.

Our approach is very physical and tangible, finding areas of the body that are tight, stuck and restricted and using gentle qi manipulation techniques (hands and needles) we encourage the body to soften, coaxing circulation back into fascia and muscle tissue, increasing blood flow and oxygenation of tissues, and this has a remarkable effect on reducing the severity of symptoms. Many of our patients express pure relief at having found something that can help, after months of frustration and despair from feeling so unwell and, as Alex mentions, having no treatment options from conventional medicine other than multiple tests and investigations.

Alex also mentioned Chinese herbs – which I know to many can seem like an exotic and perhaps even risky treatment option, thanks to one or two misreported cases of adverse effects in the media. In fact, the majority of herbs we use are just variations on the herbs and spices you would find in most kitchens (cinnamon and liquorice are two of the most commonly used) and consist of plants and minerals and absolutely no animal products (as these are illegal in Europe).

Chinese medicine is inherently a preventative treatment modality, seeking to rectify physiology where it is stuck or failing, helping people’s bodies function as optimally as possible and tweaking symptoms before minor complaints become full-blown illnesses. That said it is also

incredibly effective at bringing people back to wellness even when disease has taken hold, and can be a fantastic alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals which target specific symptoms often with a multitude of undesirable side-effects. I’d be happy to talk to anyone who has any questions, or who would like to find out more about how Chinese Medicine could help them."

Please share with anyone who you think can benefit and at the moment subscribers can received 10% off their first treatment.

With love and respect for remedies out in the East,

Alex x


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