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Back Pain Healing Sessions

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

If you've gone through spans of time with back pain and you can't quite get rid of it, read on!

The no.1 culprit to back pain is a lack of force distribution throughout the spine. We loose the ability to distribute force through various reasons such as:

- sitting still for long periods of time, this compresses the trunk

- constant repetitive movements that cause an imbalance in strength

- living in the sympathetic nervous system which is your flight or flight response (stress), this increases tension and over time inhibits movement and leads to pain.

These are just a few reasons however the most common I've seen to date. (I haven't mentioned trauma from injury which I work with too although not as common - recovery ultimately comes down to the same principles).

There is a great way to help your spine distribute forces without pain as you go about your daily tasks and that is to improve your spine articulation. During a 1:1 session we take the time to tune into your body and see exactly where your spine isn't articulating properly and we do specific exercises that help you improve this. We also re-pattern imbalances in muscle activation sequencing, and look at the alignment of your bones, nerves and fascia throughout your entire body addressing the cause, not only the pain.

We work to sooth your spine physically but we also work on your mindset. Teaching you how to attune to your body so you learn how to become your own healer over time.

Homework exercises are given to practice throughout the week with the idea of spine articulation in mind. I want to caveat this by saying that homework is dependant on what comes up for the client on the day, so there is no "one size fits all" approach. Hence why we work 1:1.

Session structure:

- Consultation

- Movement / Mindset

- Homework Set Up

To book your session email me at

With love and attunement,

Alex x


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