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Improving your Posture

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Feel like you need to improve your Posture? Read on!

Posture is the way you hold yourself. The way you hold yourself is your alignment. Well aligned bodies are ones without tension. Bodies without tension are comfortable and look great. So how do you get there?

3 ingredients need to come together:

1 - Start by understanding how your shoulders sit in their sockets

2 - Then understand how your legs sit in your hips

3 - Then add spine length and articulation.

When you can move your spine with ease it becomes easier to sit up tall. Likewise when you improve the congruency of your shoulders and hips in their sockets, you can also sit up tall with ease.

Improving posture is not just about punching out the exercises or simply 'strengthening' your back muscles. Us humans are build way more sophisticated than that. It's about improving your alignment and body mechanics which will inherently improve your posture. When this happens your muscles tone perfectly to your unique shape.

Here is a playlist of mastery exercises to improve your posture:

Practice length in your body, alignment of your shoulders and hips and articulation of your spine and you'll be on your way to improved posture.

With love,

Alex x


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